Monday, November 14, 2016

Installation of Deck Hardware



                                       Installation of Deck hardware

In my case the first part was to go through old pictures with measurements to where to install the     re-chromed hard ware.
Pictures are from different installed pieces of hardware.

The measurements were placed on the deck and it was rechecked if the items were in the correct position from center line and forward or aft.
Next it was checked if the holes for the mounting would end up in the supports installed under decks.
Although this is somewhat time consuming it was good that I did do this otherwise one of the holes would have ended up very close to the edge of the wooden support under decks.

The holes in the deck were drilled first small pilot drill to recheck the correct position, followed by the largest drill for housing/fitting the bottom part of the deck bolder, than the last drill slightly larger than the thread size of the mounting threaded rod.
The  deck bolder was fitted to check for a flush mounting, I needed to take some small pieces of wood away to get a flush mounting, the deck, the bolder is made from cast bronze and those are not 100% smooth at the bottom side.
The holes were cleaned and protected with epoxy to prevent water ingress in the future.

The bolder was than placed in position and carefully tape was placed onto the deck around the foot of the bolder.

Tape was also placed onto the bolder itself to prevent that caulking would get all over chrome parts.
Seal and Glue caulking was added to the bottom of the bolder as well as into the holes in the deck, I used far more caulking than would be required but I rather waste some caulking than having the chance that a tiny hole in the caulking will create future issues, like water ingress.
The nuts were tightened to fix the bolder into place and as can be seen from the pictures a lot of caulking is pressed out between the deck bolder and the deck.

The excessive amount of caulking was removed directly; do not let the caulking become dry out.

Then the tape was removed pulling it away from the deck bolder, this way preventing that caulking would end up onto the chrome or onto the deck.

As can be seen from the next picture one has then a clean deck with minimum caulking between the chrome parts and the deck.

Following picture is from the installed bolder seen from the aft side.

Bow before with Painted chrome parts.

Bow after installation of re-chromed parts.

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