Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kitchen Painting.

                                                            Kitchen painting

As with all other areas which required painting or repairs it was also decided for the kitchen area to take it apart and remove as much as possible the wood which can be removed for proper sanding and painting as well as inspecting the condition of the wood.

After the paraffin cooker was removed the base of  for the cooker was removed, one can see that this is not an original  design for the position of the cooker, it looks to me that the original cooker has been removed and replaced by a Taylor cooker.
When the 6 screw in the  wood were removed it was still  impossible to remove the plank


The reason that the plank could not be removed was that there was another screw holding the plank in place which was located in the forward wall where the drawers are placed in.

With the removed plank it was now possible to get behind the cold storage area and clean it out , as can be seen lots of different things ended up over the years behind this cold storage from a ceramic serving dish to snickers and tea,

With stainless steel plates removed one can clearly see that in the past a cover must have been in place to close the cooking area, most likely the Taylor cooker is higher than the original delivered cooker. Light line on below drawing shows that a wooden support strip has been in place in the past.

The bottom plate where the cooker is positioned on has been sanded to bear wood and has been protected with epoxy varnish 3 layers to give it a stronger protection than with normal varnish would be accomplished.
Bottom plate has been installed again as well as the stainless steel side plates to protect the wood from heat during cooking.
The next area to be sanded and varnished is the cabinet next to the sink and cooking area, in my case this area is set up with and area for safe storage of plates cups etc.

The shelf's were taken out and apart and all separate sanded and varnished, when one does this it is important that pictures are taken because with all parts of the two shelf's as loose items it is a challenge to get them correctly back together.

The bottom shelf was not mahogany nor it had mahogany venire it was just a plank of plywood.
To make it look a bit better it was varnished with a varnish with a so called Mahogany varnish which as we all know comes out to red , so I mixed some oak varnish with the mahogany varnish to give it a bit more realistic color. This bottom plank is screwed in the bottom onto the ships structure all the way forward, difficult to reach and in the middle and aft side.

The hull behind the shelf was sanded cleaned and treated with linseed oil .

The planks near the window frame were also removed and sanded and varnished next picture shows the bottom shelf and all other planks installed of the cabinet .

Next step was to install the shelf's for the cups and plates, this units although looks like one when in place can only be removed and installed in two pieces which need to be disconnected from each other for removing.   First section installed which di not work out correctly and needed to be removed again

First section to be installed is the below section in the picture

Second section to be installed is the below section which holds the cups.

The whole unit is fixed to the ships structure with different strategic installed screws which normally are closed with wooden plugs, those were installed after the pictures were taken.

The whole unit in place and ready to store the plates and cups etc.
Sliding doors were in a good condition only required a good cleaning.

The Steel shelf was coated again with a new layer of plastic with self adhesive.

The next two pictures showing the finished product.

As can be seen from the below picture the complete kitchen block was sanded all planks doors which could be removed were removed to be able to proper sand and varnish the wood, hinges were removed and cleaned from earlier applied varnish.

Kitchen block completed
Taylor cooker was overhauled and works as it should be again.
One of the reasons that I keep cooking on a paraffin cooker is that I think Taylor makes a good cooker as well as I think that it is safer on a boat to cook with paraffin tan with gas especially a boat as the Storebro where it will be difficult to create an area for safe storage of gas with an outlet overboard.

The wall next to the sink was clean sanded and varnished again the differences in color of the wood are gone now as well as the discoloring due to earlier leakages.

As can be seen from below pictures although everything looks good I was missing a cover for the cooker.

From some scrap Mahogany planks I made a cover to protect the cooker and create some more working space in the kitchen area as can be seen from the below picture the kitchen is finished now.

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