Sunday, June 16, 2013

Main Cabin repairs 1

Main Cabin Repairs I

Aft Wall 

The following part describes the repairs of the aft wall of the main cabin.
As earlier described due to the water ingress between the two GRP deck parts the aft wall of the main cabin, mainly port-side was rotten away.
Although the wall looked fine at the first inspection see below picture, after dismantling several components the condition of the wood was in a poor condition.

Taking the small locker apart showed where wood was rotten and where it needed to be replaced, not only the wall of the cabinet but also the wall between the main cabin and the steering cabin.

The wood of the cabinet was removed till the level of the bench so that when the new wood is installed no line would be visible between the old and new construction.
At the same time the wood of the wall which was rotten has been removed this gave also the opportunity to install the main heating supply to the main cabin and the forward cabin.

New marine plywood was installed in way of the removed wood, same thickness as the original wall.

The result is now that we have marine plywood next to mahogany veneer which will not be a nice result of finished repairs.
Since the original wall had a lot of holes it was decided to place a new 3 mm plywood wall with mahogany veneer over the existing wall.
First all varnish was removed of the present wall and all holes were plugged where required.
Wall was again sanded to get a smooth surface.

Unfortunately I was unable to remove the door frame of the cabinet and I decided to place the new wall covering around the door frame. The line between the two pieces will not be visible due to the cabinet.

A separate piece was placed inside the cabinet to cover the old and new wall as well to make it a uniform new wall.

The new panels were glued with contact cement against the existing wall and then varnished

After placing the new wall of the cabinet into place I noticed that the new marine plywood with mahogany veneer did not matched with the new wall.Not only different type of wood grain but also a complete different color.

It was then decided to also place on this part of the cabinet the same veneer as was placed onto the wall.
The veneer was placed in such a way that it looks like that the wood structure continues.


When all was fitted and glued in place the cabinet could be put totally together with new trim pieces on top as well as a new top onto the cabinet.

Holes of the screws were plugged

After everything was sanded again the whole area was varnished several times.

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