Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Repairs Steering Cabin

                                          Repairs Steering Cabin

The next step in replacing rotten wood was the upper plank of both sides of the steering cabin. These planks are fitted under the polyester covering on which the window frames is placed of the steering cabin.

The main reason in my opinion for the rotting of the wood to be started is that where two pieces of the polyester are meeting no proper seal was installed or has been disappeared over the years. This resulted that water could ingress between the polyester part and the wood not only resulting in that the upper plank was rotten away but also resulting in rotten wood on the inside of the forward cabin and the wet cell. Earlier repairs were made with looks like polyester but the root course was not attended according to me, the gap between both polyester parts.

The plank was removed until the original connection with the other side plank. Rotten support wood on the inside of the removed plank, which supports the window frames, was removed as well. From the inside the window frame was supported to make sure that when the plank was removed the position remained the same thus preventing that after the repairs the window still could be opened.

New wood was glued in place with colored epoxy and kept in place with supports from the inside with wooden blocks. The new plank was shaped in such a way that the angle was the same as the original plank. This to prevent that in future water ingress can happen.

The plank was than screwed in place as original onto the window frame support beams, holes were plugged. To make sure that the plank is protected from water ingress a large amount of epoxy was inserted into the space between the polyester and the inside support beams, more or less the not visible part of the plank is embedded into epoxy.

After both sides were in place all was sanded at the same time all old screw holes in the sides were drilled out and filled with plugs. The reason for this is that the wood showed a start of rot on the positions were screws were inserted and where screw holes poked through from the inside.

When both sides were sanded forward to aft port as well as starboard side the old sealant was removed between the polyester roof and sides. After cleaning and de-greasing new silicone seal was inserted in this opening. Painters tape was used and removed before the silicone dried.

Cracks between the two polyester parts were closed and glued together and both sides of the cabin were sanded again.

Instead of using varnish for protecting the wood I have used Owatrol Deks Olje D1 and D2. I have followed the instructions as can be found on the internet, it took 15 layers of D1 oil before the wood was saturated the next step was to apply the D2 oil which was another 6 layers.
Main reason for using Oil instead of varnish is that the D1 oil penetrated deeper into the wood than varnish and in my opinion protects the wood better from weather influences.

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  1. Did you consider going the varnish over epoxy way? The epoxy would then seal the surface and varnish would take care of the uv-protection..

    I have no imminent need to do this on my 34, but was thinkinh taht when the time comes ot could be a long lasting solution..