Friday, December 16, 2011

Chrome Parts

                                                   Chrome Parts

Since I do want to bring the Boat back to original as possible it was decided to have all parts brought back to their original chrome status.  It took some time to find a company who can perform the old fashioned trade of treating parts with chrome. There are several companies on the marked which will do a chrome job but are not able to perform the complete required treatment of treating parts with chrome, important steps for a proper job are missed. Next you will find a link how it should be done in my opinion.

One thing to be taken in consideration of have parts be treated with chrome is the price since a good reliable treatment of parts is not cheap compared to new stainless steel parts.
But in my case I want to bring the boat back to an original condition and the same type of parts cannot be obtained in stainless steel.

As can be seen from the following pictures there is a definite difference of before and after and although in some cases buying news stainless steel parts might be cheaper it will never look the same as chrome parts.
In The Netherlands I have found the following company, , who perform the proper task of reconditioning the chrome parts of the boat, of which several were painted with silver paint.

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