Saturday, October 30, 2010

Start of the Repairs Aft Side

Start of the Repairs

As can be seen from the inspections we found some surprises in the form of old repairs with wood, plastic bag, epoxy and other unknown types of filler.
To make a good connection between old and new wood and to make sure that the frames remained in the same position wood was cut out plank for plank while new wood was inserted . The to be removed planks were cut out with a circular saw which was adjusted in such a way that the saw would not cut deeper than 96% of the hull plank thickness this to prevent that the saw would cut into the frames and damage them. The circular saw was guided to get straight saw cuts, otherwise it would be very difficult to fit the new planks.
The last millimeter of the wood was cut with a multi tool, before the old wood was removed.
Cuts were made in the form of so called pie point this to make sure that new and old wood would have a good long glue connection as well as that old and new wood where the connection was made would be supported by at least by two frames.
Straps were used to keep the new planks in place as well as to pull them together to make sure that good glue connetions would form between the new planks and the old planks.
Planks were as well screwed against the frames for the correct postion, screws will be removed in a later stage to be replaced with rivits and final bronze screws were required.

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